Constructed Wetlands

Blue Crane Treatment Wetlands design, build and maintain wastewater systems through the use of constructed wetland water treatment facilities.

This technology is widely used in Europe and North America. Constructed wetlands are robust and require limited day-to-day maintenance. Proper maintenance is however of paramount importance for the sustainable operation of the wetland.

Blue Crane Treatment Wetland System:

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Our team consist of civil engineers with more than 20 years combined hands-on experience in this field.

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Blue Crane Treatment Wetlands provides services in the treatment of water. We can treat many forms of water and waste water.

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We constructed our first wetland facility 15 years ago. Since then, several other facilities have been developed with continued success.

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Infrastructure Projects

Over the past 15 years Blue Crane Treatment Wetlands have developed a keen understanding of the design, maintenance, applications and capabilities of constructed wetland water treatment facilities. These wetlands are commonly referred to as reedbeds.

Constructed wetlands can be installed for the treatment of:

  • sewage
  • contaminated surface water
  • sludge drying
  • hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater
  • landfill leachates
  • industrial and mining process waters