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Forced Aeration Reedbed

Blue Crane Treatment Wetlands recently installed a new forced aeration reedbed at a highway rest and service facility in Lanseria, South Africa.

Forced aeration is a leading technology in terms of waste water treatment with the use of reedbeds. The design and construction was done as part of our association with ARM Reedbeds in the UK.

Separation tank and Reedbed

Separation tank and Reedbed

Blue Crane Treatment Wetlands is responsible for the waste water treatment at 9 highway service and rest facilities throughout South Africa.

These sites are remote and a municipal sewage connection is either not possible or prohibitively expensive. Blue Crane Treatment Wetlands did the design and construction of these facilities and we also do all the preventative and corrective maintenace.

The effluent is treated by the use of separation tank and a planted reedbed. The solids are removed from the effluent in the separation tank. The effluent is pumped into the planted reedbeds where it is filtered. The filter process is completely natural and no chemicals are added. The treated effluent is the used for onsite irrigation.